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Our shared vision to provide optimal legal advice towards innovative technology business ideas and projects, brought our forces and expertise together, and we established one of the leading legal teams of experts worldwide in the field of blockchain, crypto-currencies and Initial Coin Offerings.
We aspire to become the world’s top provider of end-to-end advisory services in helping businesses that want to raise funds through tokenization and creation of blockchain-based digital assets.

Our consortium law firms are:

Stelios Americanos LLC is a full services law firm with headquarters based in Nicosia, Cyprus and a branch in Athens, Greece. It specializes in corporate, commercial and banking law, focusing mainly on transboundary banking financing, joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions. Additionally, it provides services and consults on areas involving financial services licensing, administrative and public law, energy – natural resources, property and construction work, BOT / PFI, competition law, public procurement and tenders and tax services. Stelios Americanos has extensive experience in the set up and completion of complex joint-ventures and “cross-border” structures and transactions through the use of Cyprus vehicles. As far as the international practice is concerned, ‘Stelios Americanos LLC’ has an impressive list of international clientele that includes major financial-banking institutions, investment funds, leading international law firms, multinational corporations and individuals of high financial standing. ‘Stelios Americanos LLC’ has created close and long-lasting relationships with reputable legal and consulting firms overseas and is, thus, able to assist clients with any aspect of their cross-border transactions and needs.

Ch. P. Savvides & Associates LLC is a contemporary boutique law firm based in Nicosia, Cyprus, providing innovative and adaptive law practice with regards to effective and quality advocacy and legal consulting services. Together with its key business partners, associates and affiliated companies, Ch. P Savvides & Associates LLC provides a holistic model of services, living up to all clients’ needs. The Law Firm currently operates three distinct units, i.e. Litigation Unit, Corporate Unit and Fund Unit.

While its daily practice comprises a very diverse set of cases, ranging from mainstream administrative civil and criminal cases, the Law Firm also specializes in more contemporary and advanced financial and investment funds, Forex and digital currency, especially ICOs.

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